Paris Hilton at The Late Show with David Letterman, May 02, 2013

Paris Hilton is a complex person. She contains multitudes. One moment she’s suing you; next you’re her new BFF.

Italian swimwear and lingerie brand Le Bonitas now knows that better than anybody, except possibly for Nicole Richie and a couple of Hilton’s very small dogs. The company has been embroiled in a legal fight with Hilton for years over a fizzled licensing agreement, but now TMZ reports that’s all water under the bridge and Hilton will even be “designing” a line of Paris Hilton bathing suits for her new bestie.

Le Bonitas filed a suit against Paris Hilton way back in 2010, claiming that Hilton had signed a five-year agreement for a line of Paris Hilton-branded lingerie, pajamas, and bathing suits, but then didn’t hold up her end of the bargain. Le Bonitas was looking for damages of $200,000.

Hilton decided to file her own, much bigger suit against the company, demanding the $1.5 million she said she was supposed to get for royalties from the line, had it happened.

A New York judge last year refused to rule on the case and told them to try to figure something out themselves, and it might have taken a year, but it looks like they’ve done just that. Hilton has dropped her suit against Le Bonitas and they’ve made up a new contract that says Hilton will design a totally different line of lingerie and swimwear from the one they were initially fighting over.

Via TMZ/Photo: WENN