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*Images Used W/ Permission / Newscom. 

O Ow, someone made a boo-boo. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Nina Ricci gown at the Sex and The City Movie Premiere in NYC last week. Someone failed to inform SJP, the fashion icon, that Lauren Santo Domingo wore exactly the same Nina Ricci gown at last month’s Superheroes, Metropolitan Institute Costume Gala.

I highly doubt Sarah Jessica Parker would wear a dress that has previously been worn for the most important and anticipated Movie Premiere of her life if she knew about it. There’s actually photos of Lindsay Lohan wearing the same Nina Ricci gown except Lilo wore it with a black fur bolero. I can’t find a legal picture sorry. To add to the insult, Lauren is standing right next to Olivier Theyskens, Nina Ricci creator. O.o

But yeah, someone definitely made a boo-boo. Is it SJP’s stylist? or is it someone from Nina Ricci department?  It’s a whole different ball game if the dress was worn at a Fashion Week Runway. In this case, the same dress was worn,  in 2 of the biggest Hollywood Events, just weeks apart.