katy-perry-jane-lynchIf you want better service from fancypants designer stores, it might help if the people working there thought you were a big celebrity. And you might think your giant sunglasses, stupidly high heels, and Birkin bag would be most likely to make strangers think you’re a famous, but apparently that’s totally off the mark. You’d be better off in yoga pants and sneakers, because a new study from Harvard Business School reveals that luxury store employees are more likely to take a person for a celebrity or VIP if that person is in gym clothes.

The researchers polled employees of stores in Milan that stocked ultra high-end designers like Armani, Christian Dior, and Valentino, and asked them about two hypothetical customers with matching descriptions who were dressed in either a dress, fur coat, and Rolex, or just gym clothes. Everyone agreed that the woman in gym clothes was more likely to spend more money at the store, and also more likely to be a celebrity.

“Wealthy people sometimes dress very badly to demonstrate superiority,” one shop assistant said. “If you dare to enter these boutiques so underdressed, you are definitely going to buy something.”

According to the Huffington Post, only fancy stores were polled because their clients are generally expected to have expensive clothes, even if they “demonstrate superiority” by not wearing them.

So it turns out we don’t have to work that hard to be mistaken for rich celebrities like Katy Perry or Jane Lynch up there. Just wear some gym clothes and pretend you’ve got money to spend, and strangers will think you’re important.

But it’s worth noting that the study did not mention a racial element, and we find ourselves doubtful that the results would have been the same if it had. If the woman in the fur and the woman in the yoga pants were not white, would people still think Miss Yoga Pants was rich and important? We’re skeptical.

Via The Huffington Post/Photo: WENN