Babywatch 2008 continues on. Nicole Richie had Harlow, Christina Aguilera had Max, and Halle Berry had Nahla. We’re still waiting on Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie (twins!!!!) to give birth this year.


Images: Newscom

In the meantime, I’m noticing that these celebrity Hot Mamas To-Be have been keeping it casual and light with maxi dresses and comfy sandals. Perfect for any stage of pregnancy and ohhhh soooo comfortable. I remember how “free” I felt in maxi dresses while I was pregnant. No restricting pants with restricting waistlines. No fighting with zippers and buttons when you go to the ladies room to go “tinkle”, you feel me? I knowww my Mommies do!!!

So you want a maxi dress of your own? I previously wrote about them as a Spring ’08 trend and had found a few great options.

Here’s a few more to check out:






HMD Deal of the Day:


This Old Navy printed tub dress by far the best value out there (I will admit I’m biased b/c I own this dress! Bought it for my trip to Bermuda last month. It looks and feels even better in person). Besides black print (shown above), this dress is also available in pink print and green print. And only $19.99 USD??!? LOVE Old Navy!

Though Britney Spears is NOT a Hot Mama To-Be (that we know of–tee hee!–oh okay I kid, I kid…), I will admit she has been looking a helluva lot better in recent weeks and I simply LOVE the maxi dress she wore while out and about this week in L.A.


The handbag and shoes in combination with this fab dress are SERIOUS fashion violations but we’ll let them pass ‘kay? As I said earlier Britney looks like she’s doing so much better so I will give props where props is due. Baby steps, right?