Sometimes fashion uses its powers for good: yesterday at London Fashion Week, designer Richard Nicoll presented his Fall 2012 collection as a riff on the idea of “modern times.” Accompanying his appropriately minimal futurism was this sleek, white Birkin-ish tote… that can charge your iPhone, Android or Blackberry for up to two days. Sorry, Coach, but it would appear that someone has beat you to the one true bag designed for bloggers.

The magical cell phone charging bag was produced in collaboration with Vodafone and gets power from a removable, magnetic cable that attaches from the outside and must be plugged in. So, yeah, you have to charge the bag in order to charge your phone–but still! We’re betting we’ll see plenty of these during Fashion Month next Fall.

Now let’s hope they don’t run $2000 just for the sake of it.

(via The High Low, photo via Spreadz)