The biggest accessory news out of Paris Fashion Week–well, besides the sudden absence of monograms at Louis Vuitton and those bizarre/charming Muppet-y fuzzy pumps at Celine–is the weirdo hula-hoop bag that Karl Lagerfeld showed at Chanel for Tuesday’s Spring 2013 runway show. Toted down the catwalk by French model Sigrid Agren, the accessory in question is a comically oversized envelope bag in the style of Chanel’s classic quilted leather–but strung between two (full-sized?) hula hoops.

…”Why?” You might ask. Just let Karl Lagerfeld explain. He told The Telegraph:

“It’s for the beach. You need space for the beach towel, huh? And then you can put it into the sand and hang things on it, and things like that. The bathing suit with it was the only thing with the Chanel logo, there was no logo.”

Of course. Didn’t you realize it’s extremely practical? You can fit a towel in it! We’re betting these huge chunks of street style photog catnip will retail for $8000 (conservative guess) but if that seems outrageous, just remember: you can hang things on it.

We’re sure we’ll see the bag again–no doubt on some stylish eccentric during fashion month next season. Our money’s on BryanBoy.

Here’s another look:

(Both photos via Wenn)