Remember back in the day, when Will and Kate got married? If so, you’ll recall that Kate’s dress was one of the most anticipated aspects of the ceremony, and when she emerged in head to toe McQueen we all stood up and cheered. She looked regal, poised, elegant, and like she had her shit more together than you, or I, or anyone else ever will.

Well, now we’ve moved on to a new royal wedding du jour, this time featuring Prince Albert II of Monaco, son of the late Grace Kelly (whose wedding dress, it should be noted, may have been the inspiration for Kate’s) and Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock.

Unlike Will and Kate, who had just one massive, billion-viewer ceremony, Wittstock and Albert had cameras on them this afternoon for the first of two ceremonies. Today’s was the civil ceremony, which was conducted in French (we know, hilarious), and tomorrow’s will be the religious ceremony, where we hope that our unabated appetite for wedding dress porn will not go unsatisfied.

In the meantime, here is Charlene Wittstock’s first wedding dress, which is actually a suit:

The robin’s egg blue number was made by Chanel, reports the Washington Post, and those silky draperies at the bottom are actually pants. Score one for style and comfort.

Check back tomorrow for a gluttonous amount of images of her wedding dress, part deux.