As I continue my search for Black Friday and Cyber Monday awesomeness, I find myself perpetually returning to Twitter!

It just makes more sense, for me, rather than scouring the stores, and circulars, to do as much research as I can online – hell, I do most of the actual shopping online anyway!

I’m not alone: Aaccording Deloitte’s annual holiday survey, 3 out of 5 consumers plan to use social media to find big discounts and coupons this holiday season. As Twitter is more popular than ever, it’s not surprising it’s becoming a great way to do a lot more than status updates.

I recently got an email about CheapTweet, and decided to check it out. Basically, the site scans Twitter for posts about  deals, coupons and sales, or anything else related that people are Tweeting about – they then let followers rate those deals, and it’s posted on their site in rating order!  It’s sort of awesome, right?

Of course, now this crazy shopaholic in me is eager to find more deals than they do… :-)