The first ads for Alexa Chung’s fall collection with Madewell came out yesterday, and her outfits appear to be as impractical as they are pretty. Sweaters on top and nothing on the bottom? Does Alexa Chung have a disease that causes her torso to get cold while her legs remain burning hot?

Not as such; she just likes the way these outfits look, and thinks you rock and roll chicks should woman up and suffer for fashion. “A lot of the collection is based on girls in bands, or girls standing side of stage,” she told The Cut last year. “I felt like they’d be on tour so they wouldn’t mind getting cold.” This is false. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my dealings with musicians, it’s that they strongly dislike being a.) cold and b.) hungry while sitting in a van for hours on end. Like most living things, they instinctively avoid situations that could end in frostbite.

But if you’re willing to look past this brazen insensitivity to the homeostasic needs of female touring musicians, you will see some pretty great clothes. Slap some tights on under them, and they might even be suitable for fall weather.