Snooki doesn’t necessarily get taken seriously by the whole fashion world, but one woman appreciates the bepoufed guidette’s style, and that woman is Chloë Sevigny.

In a surprise turn, the usually unbearably pretentious Sevigny told Bullett Magazine that she wouldn’t be upset if Snooki wore clothes from her new line with Opening Ceremony:

If you saw Snooki wearing something from your collection, would you approach her?

I read somewhere that Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay The Situation not to wear their clothes—but who am I to say who should be wearing mine? I do remember someone saying that…what’s Paris Hilton’s sister called? Isn’t it Nicky or something? Anyway, she apparently talked to someone about my first collection, and was like, ‘I don’t get it.’ I was like, Good! I’m glad she doesn’t get it. It’s not for her. Besides, what’s there to get with clothes? So if Snooki wants to wear my clothes, go for it. I think she’d look a lot better in them.

So the takeaway is, if you don’t “get” Sevigny’s line, it’s just because you wouldn’t look good in it, anyway.