Cara Delevingne wearing Chopard jewelry at the Cannes Film Festival 2013

Has anybody thought to check with Cara Delevingne?

A daring group of Cannes robbers carted off a safe of Chopard jewelry early yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival. The heist happened just a few hours after the premiere of The Bling Ring, which appears to have amused everybody involved.

The thief or thieves—police think it was certainly more than one person—stole the jewels by cutting a safe out of the wall of a room at the Novotel Hotel and just carrying the whole thing away with its contents through a connecting door to the next room. The room belonged to an American employee of the luxury jeweler Chopard, which sponsors the film festival, but she was luckily not present when the burglary took place.

“There must have been either an inside complicity, or people who were in contact with this person and knew that the person had jewels,” said Commander Bernard Mascarelli of the Police Judiciare in Nice, who said it was very unlikely that a single person had plotted the theft, cut out the safe, and carried it away by him or herself.

Cannes police said the stolen jewelry was worth about $1.4 million. Chopard, however, says that value has been exaggerated significantly, and the stolen jewels were “not part of the collection of jewels that are worn by actresses during the Cannes Film Festival.”

That makes a fair amount of sense. A Chopard employee would probably have some very nice jewelry with her for the festival, but if any of the actress necklaces were among the Chopard jewelry stolen at Cannes, we’d expect the dollar value to be way higher.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Suite Novotel Hotel Cannes Centre where the theft took place is not a particularly fancy or luxurious hotel. It’s more of a business hotel, though rooms run around $600 a night during the film festival. Suspecting an exciting-sounding inside job, police are questioning the hotel’s employees.

The Independent said the value of the stolen jewels was over $385,000, which is what, one earring from the Chopard Red Carpet Collection?

Chopard also makes the Palme d’Or trophy, which is worth $20,000 this year, but the festival organizers say that also wasn’t in the safe at the time.

Via The Independent/Photo: WENN