Hollywood star Chris Pine has starred in numerous of movie roles: playing a neo-nazi in Smokin Aces and a music manager in the 2005 romantic comedy Just My Luck. However, it’s his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the summer blockbuster film Star Trek that has garnered everyone’s attention. The twenty-eight year old from Los Angeles, California speaks to GQ magazine about his new found fame and shows off his style by some of the world’s most famous designers-Uniqlo and Brooks Brothers to name a few.

Chris Pine in GQ Magazine

Chris Pine in GQ Magazine

Chris Pine looks stylishly casual wearing a suit designed the Calvin Klein Collection. The shirt by Theroy is paired with tie by Gitman Vintage. The look is completed with brown slacks by John Varvatos

You play Captain James T. Kirk. Any razzing from old friends of late?
It’s pretty f******* inescapable. I play basketball with a bunch of guys at 9:30 a.m. and
it’s like, “Yo, wussup,
Captain Kirk!” I don’t have a smart comeback yet.

You weren’t much of a Trekkie, we hear.

I was a Star Wars kid. The kitsch factor in the original Star Trek series is high, but the show manages to take on these huge questions about race, sex, and war. I have a great appreciation for what Mr. Shatner did with the part. There’s a gravity
to it, but he’s having fun.

Surely tiptoeing around the rabid fan base—calling him “Mr. Shatner” and all that—must get old?

Chris Pine shows of his style in GQ Magazine

Chris Pine shows of his style in GQ Magazine

Pine pulls off this next looks effortlessly wearing a beautiful linen suit designed by DKNY. It’s the epitome of modern. The tie was created the makers of Black and Brown 1826 The hat he’s holding is by J.J. Hat Center

You seem interested in playing a diverse range of roles. Are you worried you’ll forever be typecast because of your looks?

I did a movie called Smokin’ Aces, and the casting director didn’t want to
see me for the role of a neo-Nazi hit man. But it didn’t bum me out. I had to prove I could do it.

Chris Rine looks dapper in his Plaid Suit in GQ

Chris Pine looks dapper in his Plaid Suit in GW

The last look is my favorite. Chris Pine once again, without fail, delivers wearing this plaid suit designed by Brooks Brothers. Pine can also been seen wearing his own personal man bag created by Porter Bags

Isn’t Star Trek bringing it anyway?
Maybe. But I’m not gonna hunt it out. I won’t tell my publicist I’m going to Starbucks in twenty minutes and to call the photographers.

Image: Men.Style