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Photo: Getty

Chrissy Teigen has a bone to pick with the modeling industry. The Sports Illustrated’s 2010 “Rookie Of The Year” recently answered fan’s questions on Reddit during an “Ask Me Anything” Monday session and in between fielding what I’m sure were many questions about this exotic beauty’s ethnicity was one question that every mainstream model gets from time to time: How does she feel about magazine’s use of Photoshopped images?

Teigen’s response?

“I’ve watched myself be photoshopped before. It. Is. The. Worst.”

Ugh, right? You know, I would imagine that watching yourself being photoshopped — as I’m sure happens sometimes to models during photo shoots — is incredibly painful. Like, there you are, looking pretty damn fantastic already, and THEN you have to watch as a photo editor meticulously widens your eyes and shrinks your hips and erases your third arm or whatever other perceived flaw they see in your photo. Not fun.

As someone who is not a model, I can’t even imagine the pressures put on people whose job it is to look amazing all the time. To think that even after all the effort made to make yourself look great as you are in front of the camera you STILL need to be retouched to perfection as a model is terrible and sad. I wish our society embraced imperfections not only on physical people but on their image within the pages of a magazine as well.

When it comes to Chrissy Teigen, I’m glad that she’s outspoken about how having your photo retouched is uncomfortable and annoying, but Chrissy took a more neutral tone about the whole Photoshop debate than she should have to. Chrissy talked about how her own issues with being photoshopped but not the problem with retouching within the magazine industry as a whole. Maybe it’s asking too much from a Reddit AMA, but if Chrissy wanted to talk some Photoshop smack, she definitely had the platform.

I don’t blame Chrissy for not sharing her real thoughts (and I’m sure she has them) on Photoshop. As an emerging model, Chrissy has a career to build — a career that will lead Chrissy to take tons of photos that will later be retouched. She can’t exactly pick apart the practice that will be a factor in her career for years to come. Chrissy Teigen’s job is to be photographed, and that means that she doesn’t get a say in how the magazine she chooses to be shot for operates after she leaves the set.

I’m glad that Chrissy Teigen acknowledges that Photoshop is problematic in someway, but until the industry unites so that they can all agree on how much of an issue it really is, her statement is just a (very small) drop in the bucket.