chrissy-teigen-panties-red-carpetOther than Chrissy Teigen, nobody in the world could pull off this bizarre arts and crafts project of a dress that she wore to The Gordon Parks Foundation fundraiser last night in New York. I’m not even sure Rihanna could pull it off, and Rihanna just showed up to receive a Fashion Icon award from the CFDA basically completely naked and covered in rhinestones. While Teigen’s dress will not be having magazines struggling with the decision of whether or not to blur out her areolae, it definitely doubles down on the visible panties trend.

While there’s a haphazard, asymmetrical approach to Teigen’s dress design that makes it look like she assembled it herself out of found objects at the arts and crafts table, possibly as some kind of Project Runway challenge, she manages to pull it off. She’s Chrissy Teigen, after all, the funniest model on Twitter. She should always dress with this much personality.

Sure, she’s wearing a bra and high-waisted panties under a completely sheer drape of chiffon and paillettes, but why shouldn’t she? She’s on the cover of the current Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition; covering up her butt would be like if Adele went around refusing to sing.

Her makeup looks spectacular. The smoky eyes and rosy cheeks look sexy paired with the tousled updo. The only downside to this look is that it involves her real hair, which means Teigen will not be able to put wigs on her dog after the party is over. (If Chrissy Teigen was not already your favorite model to follow on Instagram and Twitter, her habit of dressing up her bulldog in her red carpet clothes will definitely make her so.)

(Photo: WENN)