This Saturday, Grey Goose will host the 2011 Winter Ball in London to benefit the Elton John AIDS foundation. There’ll be an auction and some celebrities. Anyway, one of the items up for auction is this bar designed by shoe maker to the stars Christian Louboutin, which looks like one of his easily identifiable pumps turned on its side. This design decision seems pretty reasonable, until… if you look closer, you can see that the sides of the bar are decorated with non sequitur Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Who is this market for this? Did someone convince Kim Kardashian that pretending to have an archeology degree would “strengthen her personal brand”?! Was Jessica Simpson‘s unborn baby conceived on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland?

Also, last year’s special bar (designed by Lily Allen) went for over  £100,000. There’s no way I’d spend $160,000 on a novelty bar shaped like a Louboutin.

…A Manolo Blahnik-shaped air hockey table engraved with the Etruscan alphabet, maybe.


(via Refinery29)