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(Instagram/Louboutin World)

One of fashion’s biggest debates surrounds the term “nude.” For a long time, “nude” simply referred to the light tan shade popular among pretty much every bra retailer under the sun. Times are a-changing, though, and with those changing times comes the understanding that “nude” can mean as many different things as there are different skin tones. It’s the reason lingerie sellers create a wider variety of nude bras and brands like Nubian Skin have launched expanded ranges of nude hosiery.

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Up until now, that expansion and inclusiveness to all skin tones has stopped at lingerie (and foundation, I guess, if we’re including beauty in this discussion, though even that has a long way to go). Christian Louboutin is here to change that with a new line of flats that work for just about every skin tone. Check it out:

There are actually a whole slew of photos on the Christian Louboutin Instagram page right now, most of which look best when viewed together as they’re posted on said page.

Crafted from soft, flexible matte nappa leather, the flats are meant to “mimic the feeling of skin” (which sounds incredibly creepy, TBH), allowing the shoe to “disappear on the leg” and create a longer silhouette, much in the same way that a nude pump does.

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The Nudes Collection, to which the $595-a-pair flats are the newest addition, includes T-strap heels ($875) and classic pumps ($675) in all seven nude shades. I have to say, even though I don’t have the financial means or the desire (read: the lack of desire is a direct result of the lack of financial means #sadlife) to pick a pair for myself, I’m really happy that someone finally addressed the need for an expanded line of nude shoes. The pointed-toe ballet flat is a classic shape, so it’s only fair that everyone have a shot of owning a good nude, neutral pair for herself.

Hopefully, Louboutin will have created a trend with this new launch, because I know I wouldn’t say no to a line of under-$100 nude flats, ya know what I’m saying?

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