Christina Aguilera Summer Rain People

If you’ve been waiting to see another adorable celebrity kid, the wait is over because Christina Aguilera and her cute daughter, Summer Rain Rutler, appear on the cover of the newest issue of People magazine. Christina gave birth to Summer Rain in August 2014, but we haven’t seen that much of her. The first glimpse we had of her was from a photo Christina uploaded to Twitter. The picture showed Summer Rain facing away from the camera, wearing a pair of bloomers with “Lil’ Diva” embroidered across the back. We didn’t get to see her face, but this magazine cover proves it was definitely worth waiting for.

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To say that Summer Rain is completely adorable is an understatement. Just look at those full lips and those big blue eyes. (I’m sure there was some Photoshop involved to enhance their color, but I bet they are just as gorgeous without it.) And then there is that expression. It is so squee-inducing, I almost can’t handle it. Summer Rain totally steals the show from her mom, Christina, which isn’t an easy thing to do. It looks like that “Lil’ Diva” description was fitting. That adorable baby is loving the camera. She isn’t quite six-months-old and she probably has more star power in one of her little fingers than most people have in their entire bodies. Blue Ivy Carter and North West have some competition.

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(Photo: Elizabeth Messina/People)