What are you, Christina Aguilera? We do not understand your sexy Halloween costume!

We do, however, understand a few things, thanks to this description of the photoset from pap agency Pacific Coast News:

Sexy singer Christina Aguilera seen wearing a revealing outfit and kissing her boyfriend and knight in shining armour Matthew Rutler while posing for Halloween photos outside their home in Beverley Hills

In other words, Christina Aguilera, Sexy Singer, and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler straight up called the paparazzi and invited them to their house to pose for staged Halloween photos.

To which we have two responses:

1) Gross

2) Shouldn’t they be better costumes? If you’re going to call a damn photo agency for attention, at least step it up, right?

She’s wearing a giant pink wig with a white crown (?), held together by fish net (? x2), fingerless fish net gloves (? x3), pearls and orange nipple netting. The makeup, of course, is no change from Aguilera’s usual routine (AKA the whole MAC counter) (AKA the “Kardashian Special”).

Rutler appears to be a regular old knight. Maybe she’s his wench?

But wenches don’t wear crowns (or orange nipple netting). We are stumped.

As for this pap courting move, did they learn nothing from Heidi and Spencer?

(Photos via Pacific Coast News)