Sorry to be flippant to people with actual tumors, but Christina Aguilera‘s inability to look like a fucking adult has become kind of impressive lately. Here she is last night with her The Voice costars, wearing a white pullover with superfluous zippers, a black leather motorcycle vest, gobs of jewelry (we think we spotted stars, cocktail rings, and a razorblade charm?) and star print jeans. And though you can’t see them, how much would you like to bet it bottoms out with outrageously ugly Christian Louboutins? …Maybe gold ones? Maybe gold spiked ones?

In other words, it seems like her wardrobe choices lately have amounted to “fill a cannon with tight, pink, sparkly shit” and “stand in front of it.”

Oh fuck it. We’ll just show you:

That’s her with boyfriend Matthew Rutler up there. But here’s the most ridiculous (and thus more delightful) shot of the set:

So, yes, she’s orange also.

Anyway, this outfit is really nothing compared to her head parts. As you can see, she’s still representing the My Little Pony hair trend–which has been dying a long, slow, undignified death for months now–but she smashed it together with even worse choices:


Look, we try not to be pointlessly mean and shitty when covering celebrity fashion–we don’t criticize bodies, for one–but what the fuck is this? It’s like a weird pink snake coiled itself on her head and just hung out there, trying to warm itself on her sense of self-satisfaction.

And yes, her bubblegum pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow combination is atrocious.

(Both photos via Wenn, PCN)