Christina Hendricks

As the holidays draw nigh, you may find yourself tempted to wear sweaters festively adorned with sequins. (That is, assuming you’re not a holiday-hating jerk like all of us here at The Gloss.) Here is a recent picture of Christina Hendricks demonstrating how to do that without looking like a Christmas tree ornament from the 80s.

Step 1: Do not wear anything else loud that will compete with it. That includes cleavage. (If Joan can get a sequined sweater to cover her giant boobs, so can you.)

Step 2: It’s cute to monochrome it out like she did here, but make sure you mix it up with your accessories (like she also did here) so as not to be too too.

Step 3: Look like Christina Hendricks, if you can manage it.

Voila! Tastefully shiny holiday season greatness.

(Via Getty Images)