Shopping for babies is awesome because you can pretty much buy them anything that you think is rad and not have to worry about their individual taste. There’s a really short window in which this is possible, so you gotta jump on it before they hit 18 months and start liking only blue things or whatever. I have my eye on this onesie for like six kids right now.
il_430xN.109071916Pin up girls and skulls aren’t everyone’s style, but they are mine, and seriously, what could be cuter than putting a totally innocent baby in something so badass? Nothing. Except how freaking cute it will be with these skater socks.

18398_lgYes, those are Vans for babies. You’re welcome. Onesie available for $8.50 from Punky Monkey Kids. Socks available for $22 from Uncommon Goods.

Photo Credits: Punky Monkey Kids, Uncommon Goods