If for some strange reason someone gave me $100 to spend on accessories from 1 store, I’d go to Target. No clothes, no shoes, and no bags, just fashion jewelries, I’d use that $100 to stock up on Chunky Beads Necklaces. They’re versatile therefore each unique pieces go with any outfit. Chunky beads add chic and sophistication even to just a regular top and jeans ensemble. They don’t even have to match a particular color in the outfit. A chunky accessory is actually a great solution to an outfit that is not giving you the feeling of satisfaction. That ummph. I’m sure some of you have gone through one of those days. Whenever I feel down about a certain ensemble, I rely on 1 piece of accessory to perk my mood up.

So, do you want to know what kind of chunky necklaces I would buy with a $100 bill from a store like Target? With no further adieu, here they are……….


Chunky blue beaded short necklace for $7.99


Bobble beaded necklace in dark blue. Yah know, I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes in this color ;) . $9.99


A 17″ black gumball beaded necklace is a MUST-have in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with a chunky black bead necklace. If you are going to start a beads necklace collection, get something like this as your starter necklace. It goes with everything. Just like a pair of black shoes :) . $12.99


While the black version of this is a MUST-have for classic and basic looks, a 17″ red gumball beaded necklace version is for that needed boost or shall I say bold statement you’re trying to convey in your outfit. Just like a red pair of heels :) .


A Y-Turquoise necklace is just beautiful. No doubt about it. My favorite color is the hues of blue just like the theme color of Style It Less so this wood/beads necklace is pretty much considered an A-Lister in my collection. $19.99


For a natural tone option, this carved assortment beads with amber, black, cream and tan tones necklace is not too shabby. It gives an outfit a tribal touch. Don’t you think? $16.99

So how much is my damage. Not adding the taxes, everything is $80.94. I still have leftover to cover the taxes. Give a few cents that I’m sure I could muster to spend out of my coin purse.

Each of these necklaces would accessorize any kind of ensembles I’m going to style for myself. They’re pretty basic but each would surely spice up any dresses, blouses or skirts I have. Now the question is, who would give me that $100 bill so I could actually buy all of these? :D