@olanthamoran in the “Nancy” short. Styled by @errantclothing

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Stranger Things has inspired many things from waffle addictions to pop culture memes to fashion. The more traditional examples it inspired in fashion include Halloween costumes and a Topshop collaboration. One unexpected thing that is going viral is CIE Denim‘s “Nancy” Shorts ($385). They’ve been given a Stranger Things twist because they’re upside down denim shorts.

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The shorts have quickly gone viral on Instagram thanks to the trippy effect they create. Everything is flipped around. The “waistband” has turned into cuffs and the western pockets and belt loops are still there. The patch pockets have been flipped around and now open up at what would have been the pointed bottom so you can still carry things in them. The waist left is raw which gives the appearance of frayed hems.

In addition to the Nancy colorway, there’s also theupside-down El Shorts ($385).

Unsurprising, all versions of the denim shorts have set the internet alight. Some love the twist on Strangers Things while others are trying to wrap their heads around it.

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If you want something else that will make you do a double take, the brand has also launched inverted Lucas Jeans ($500). They feature the “waistband” brought all the way down to the ankle with patch pockets on the back of the legs. The look also comes in two other colors: Mike ($500) and Will ($500).

The question will be whether Stranger Things fans are game enough to try the jeans. At $300+ they don’t come cheap, but they definitely do have a one-of-a-kind effect. Hands up if you want to DIY your own?