college girls

When you’ve never been to college before, it can be really stressful to figure out what the hell to pack. Most women already have a closet full of shoes they never wear and pants they need to get rid of, and it gets even worse when you move into a dorm. From my personal experience, college girls tend pack at least a few items that they never actually use. Here are 10 of them.

1. The hottest dress you bought last year.

hot dresses

You might think that bars, clubs, and frat parties will give you plenty of opportunities to finally wear the dress that your mom thought was a little scandalous for a high school senior, but in reality, you’re going to find that it’s so different from what all the other college girls are wearing that you can’t really pull it off.

2. Your high school letterman jacket.

letterman jackets

You worked hard to earn those patches and insignia, and you’ve only gotten to wear the thing for, like, a year, but it’s probably not going to fly around here. You’ll try to wear it out a few times, but you only need to be mistaken for a high school kid on a campus tour one time to get the message.

3. That collegiate-looking blazer from Ann Taylor.


You may have daydreamed about dressing to impress in college, but you’re going to feel out of place when you show up to class in something fancier than jeans.

4. The outfit you bought in order to “reinvent yourself.”

woman with tall hair

You’re already going to change a lot in the next few years, so there’s no need to force it. Besides, the idea you used to have about who you wanted to be in college? It’s going to be laughable by the time you hit sophomore year.

5. The nice peacoat you bought to feel like a Gilmore Girl.

winter coat

It was a nice idea, and it’s worth keeping in the back of your closet for the future, but you’re about to unravel into a mess of fleece zipups and oversized hoodies whether you want to or not.

6. Any heels that don’t belong in a bar.


Unless they match a tight dress or a going-out top, leave them behind. You’re not going to be spending a lot of weekdays walking around on stems. You might have grand ideas about how you’re going to dress for class, but there’s a very good chance you’re about to become a yoga-pants-and-flip-flops person.

7. Commemorative t-shirts from high school.


There’s no reason to be embarrassed of your old glee club or church softball team, but you’re about to replace those overworn tees in a matter of weeks. Every dorm room dresser in the world is full of free shirts from campus events.

8. That hat with the pot leaf on it.

pot leaves

We understand that you’re very, very edgy. People in your hometown thought you were being badass for advertising your love of weed (or beer, or Hooters, or whatever else it is), but in college, it’ll just come off like you’re trying too hard to be a rebel.

9. Workout clothes.

running shoes

The Freshman 15 is just as likely to come from a lack of designated gym time as it is from cheap ice cream and beer. There’s no need to worry about it, and you’ll probably find your athletic stride again soon, but don’t be surprised if your running shoes get a little dusty in the first year.

10. Anything that isn’t you.

smiling friends

If your style and personality totally contradict this list, then don’t listen to it! What makes college better than high school is the freedom to be who you are without having to consider anybody else’s stupid hangups. Wear your peacoat, wear your patent leather heels, wear your weed hoodie. Do your thing.

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