2014 Summer Party Presented By Coach And Friends Of The Highline

Weeks after Louis Vuitton debuted a whole new take on their classic monogram bag, the fashion world is all abuzz about some similarly big changes coming to Coach. The brand has been sticking to their current image– kind of Midwestern, kind of upper-middle class, kind of standard and solid– for a long time now, and it looks like it’s time for an update. Fashionista reports that Coach is going through brand repositioning, with the goal of boosting their imagine into the high-fashion realm. Fashionista explains,

According to CEO Victor Luis, “modern luxury” is the concept at the heart of Coach 2.0. It’s one of those vague brand terms, so defining it is something of a workaround. “Modern luxury” stands in contrast to the “accessible luxury” that Coach currently embodies.

Interesting! Coach is one of those brands that’s never been too exciting to me– they’ve never released a bag so gorgeous or so hideous that I felt the need to discuss it– so I’m really looking forward to seeing what their new image brings. We’ve always been able to count on them to make bags that are sturdy, attractive, and kind of boringly nice (I guess that’s what they mean by “modern luxury”), but it’ll be cool to watch them add some more out-there pieces to their stores. Will celebrities start trading in their Chanel for a more buy-it-at-the-mall kind of bag? Will the brand be moving towards a more high-fashion style but still market to Average Jane types? Will they be upping their prices? Either way, this is some really exciting news for Coach fans and Coach skeptics alike.

Via Fashionista / Photo: Getty Images