When you hear Coach, what do you think?

Some of you might think of a preppy, wearable midrange luxury brand. Some of you might think of buying your first semi-expensive handbag. Some of you might still think of outlet malls, packs of teenage girls and an over-abundance of logos (and you know how we feel about too many visible logos). Public perception takes a really long time to change.

Coach is aware of this lingering association–despite Reed Krakoff steering them into “highest selling luxury brands” territory over the past couple years–and they’d really like to kill it altogether. A few seasons back, they even hired Gwyneth Paltrow to front their campaign, but that didn’t work because Paltrow doesn’t carry handbags that cost less than $2000. Kidding, but the ads only ran in Asia and Europe, so let’s just think about them as the first leg of their massive overhaul.

So, as part of Coach’s stateside rebrand, the first order of business was hiring two top tier models (Karlie Kloss and Liu Wen) for their latest campaign. Second order of business was designing handbags without that famed logo in sight (well, at least in the capacity we’re used to). Here’s one of Kloss’ print ads:

Karlie Kloss in the latest OCach campaign

The womenswear and accessories featured in the campaign are all Coach and we were pretty surprised by some of the pieces–above, Kloss can be seen wearing a plaid cape that wouldn’t look out of place in her Oscar de la Renta campaigns. As for those sleek new bags, as Racked says, “some are positively Celine-esque.”

The accompanying TV spot doesn’t feature Liu, sadly, and it’s stalled a bit by a stiff voiceover from Kloss–but it’s still a pretty dramatic announcement of Coach as a new kind of brand, or at least, not your 13-year-old cousin’s favorite outlet mall purchase. Tell us if you’re as surprised as we are:

[youtube_iframe id=”hUyp-gyg8uw”]