Coco Rocha can’t stop championing healthy change in the modeling industry: in addition to speaking out against industry pressures toward extreme thinness, the Canadian top model will soon star in a campaign for Canadian brand Jacob that foregoes retouching entirely. She blogs:

Photoshop use amongst professionals ranges from mild blemish removal to complete rebuilds of human anatomy. We’ve seen it used well and we have certainly seen it used badly (for example, on 99% of all DVD covers). I’m excited to be able to announce that Jacobs has asked me to be the face of their fall 2011 campaign with their new “no retouching policy.”

Of course, it helps to be gorgeous, 5’10” and a size 4 to look great without retouching, but I think plenty of people are more interested in seeing what models (etc) actually look like than someone’s skillful rendering.

Looking forward to the campaign? Or is this kind of thing is just a publicity stunt?