coco rocha feet

When fashion people feel charitable, we all benefit. Well, mostly just some extremely rich people benefit, but charities benefit as well because fashion exists in a bubble of money where there are people with the means and inclination to pay things like $7,500 for a two-hour modeling class from Coco Rocha.

Rocha’s modeling class is one of the Fashion for the Philippines offerings on Charity Buzz. The project is a joint effort between Fashion Girls for Humanity and the CFDA, and the auctions will go to benefit Typhoon Haiyan relief through Waves for Water.

It’s an excellent charity, and Coco Rocha is a very cool model. But let’s be real, Coco Rocha isn’t going to teach you anything that will help your modeling career, at least nothing you couldn’t learn from a 14-hour America’s Next Top Model marathon. If you have the runway model look and $7,500 to spend, you’ve probably already got an agent and a stack of comp cards. Most likely the winner will be paying to hang out with Rocha for a couple hours and make faces in the mirror, which does sound like one of the better auctions compared with a $3,000 coffee date or a $5,000 lunch.

I wonder what she’d say if I showed up with my 5’5” butt and asked her to teach me to be a supermodel. She seems nice, so she’d probably be really helpful and encouraging, but I don’t think I’d be any threat to Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior campaign.

Coco Rocha is known as the “Queen of Posing,” at least according to the auction listing, so maybe she would be able to teach me to make less stupid faces in my holiday pictures. If I were rich, that would totally be worth $7,500.

If you are rich and want Rocha’s help posing, you can bid on the auction here.

Via The Huffington Post/Photo: WENN