coffee socks

Is there anything coffee can’t do? It wakes you up, has all kinds of health benefits, is said to have anti-aging properties, and it even tastes good. And now it may present a cure for smelly feet.

Boston-based Ministry of Supply says they’ve invented a new type of sock infused with carbonized coffee, which they say is essentially a Brita filter for one’s feet. According to their science:

The moisture wicking, heat management, and comfort capabilities of ATLAS are all made possible through its unique combination of fibers, a blend made up of cotton, recycled polyester and carbonized coffee. Odor control is difficult in socks. As such, we turned to nature to find an effective way to create a fresher sock, leading us to coffee. Atlas uses carbonized coffee which has been reclaimed from coffee roasters and shops, and is processed through a pharmaceutical process to remove the coffee oils (so it won’t smell like coffee!) and is then infused into our recycled polyester yarns.

Basically, the odor molecules from one’s foot are attracted to the coffee, which has the capacity to absorb a lot of them.

“It’s the same concept used in your Brita filter to absorb impurities – giving you clean, fresh water,” the company says. “The odor is released the when you launder your socks – returning to its full capacity.”

A never-smelly sock seems like a godsend for some people, especially in the summer, so it’s not surprising that only halfway through the project’s Kickstarter, pledges have blown past the original $30,000 goal to over $120k. There are six pattern/color combinations of coffee socks available, and when purchased through the Kickstarter the socks are just $14 apiece. That’s a bit more than a five-pack from H&M, but still not much for a pair of socks that will make sure your feet are never smelly.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Tumblr/Ministry of Supply