It’s really nice to see Colin Farrell’s handsome face. It’s not covered with chin-length hair and it looks like he actually took a showe, shampooed his hair and oh get this, brushed.

See what a little bit of grooming can do to a man’s face? It brightens up your world too. Sure Colin is still sporting mustache and a little stubbly on the chin but compare to say, 3 months ago, this look is definitely an upgrade. A much-needed one I might add. It would be nice to see his eyes too but his aviator is so sexy that I’ll live with it.

Colin’s striped shirt with jeans and almost torn brown boots still needs a bit of cleaning up but the striped shirt is sure working to his neat appeal. I guess this will be a process, haha. In any case, I’d take this groomed look for now. It’s not everyday that Colin Farrell would show his face like this.

(Images: Bauer-Griffin)