Last night I wore a totally cute new outfit to an event…except I wore it with completely inappropriate shoes.

Why would someone with a burgeoning shoe closet do such a thing? Easy. I had a long walk and I knew that a lot of the cute styles in my closet would have have me limping by night’s end. And that’s even less sexy than the two-season-old booties I ended up wearing.

Naturalizer’s brilliant reflexologist Michelle Ebbin knows a thing or two about being a busy woman on her feet. Michelle has worked with a-list clients such as Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd and Peter Gabriel.



As I am desperate to not be the only girl during fashion week next month not wearing sexy shoes, I needed her advice ASAP!

Below are some great tips from Michelle on how to start the new year on the right foot. (Er, no pun intended…OK…so yeah…)

15 minutes of…comfort

When selecting a shoe, you should be able to walk for at least 15 minutes without discomfort or pressure to any part of the feet. Even if you live in heels, you should be able to feel balanced and stable enough so that you are not carrying all of your body weight on the balls of your feet. Balance ensures that your core is stable and energy circulation can flow easily. Stability promotes stress relief and improved posture.

Breathe easy

Every woman knows how annoying sweaty, sliding feet can be. And when your feet can’t breathe, your energy can’t flow. Find shoes with a breathable lining. By keeping your feet cool, and comfortable, you can relieve and prevent energy blockages in the feet.

Lighten up and embrace the softer side

Hard, clunky shoes are more than just ugly, they can affect your circulation. The lighter the weight and the softer the cushioning, the less pressure on your feet which means better circulation.

The 2010 shoe mantra – NO BREAKING IN

Flexibility means no “breaking-in” period. Supportive, lightweight shoes lessen the impact of gravity, which can wreak havoc on your feet and your entire body. Buy shoes that feel good straight out of the box.