While the staff at TheGloss was finding only problems with boyfriends picking their girlfriend’s clothing, Bill Colvard put his detective hat on and found a solution! To the 5’1 man who wanted his girlfriend to stop wearing heels Bill wrote:

Ok, am I getting this right? Dude is 5′1″ and girlfriend is 5′7″ How are flats gonna help. She’s still got half a foot on him. And by the way, 5′7 is average for a woman. It’s dude that’s vertically challenged. (and rightfully insecure about it)

But since flats won’t help, wouldn’t it be a better solution for herself to proudly don her towering Louboutins and just put dude on a leash so that he looks like the cute accessory that he is. If people stare, he can drop to the floor and lick her crimson soles. So passersbys last impression will not be of his shortness, but his kinkiness, which is better. Much better.

Gold star for you Bill Colvard! In the future, we’re using “embracing a fetish or making it look as though you do” as a solution to every problem we encounter.