It’s hard to believe, but Fashion Month is already almost over. The fashion pack has been to New York, London, Milan and now things are wrapping up in Paris. If your invitation got lost in the mail (again), you can still experience the different fashion weeks. Of course one of the most popular ways is thanks to the internet, but standing outside of the shows is another interesting way. If you’ve ever done it, you will realize that certain things happen in every city every season.

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Check out the things that you see during Fashion Month:

1. Someone in heels taking a tumble.

It happens on the runway a fair bit, but it always happens on the streets. The Fall shows are especially dangerous when show goers could be dealing with rain, snow and even ice. And then there are those lethal cobblestone streets…

2. A major celeb arrival or departure.

If you want to go to Fashion Month just so you can see some famous faces, you have the right idea. Time it right and you will see someone dashing in and out of a show. You might not get a good look at them because they’re probably flanked by at least 10 different people, but at least you can say you saw  [inset famous person here]’s ponytail or sleeve.

3. A group of very confused tourists.

The poor tourists. They have no idea what is going on. They have no idea whether all of this fashion hoopla is normal or whether they happened to stumble upon a one-off event.

4. Someone who literally cannot walk so all they can do is pose.

Having difficulty walking in heels is a common theme, but then there are people who are so committed to their fashion game that they literally cannot even move in what they’re wearing. They will stand outside a show working their outfits until they call someone to come and take them away.

5. Someone shouting down their phone.

It could be good or it could be bad. They could be shouting about how much they loved a collection or they could be shouting at their Uber driver about where the heck they are. Doesn’t the driver know they have another show to get to? Or maybe they’re just shouting because their phone just died.

6. A taxi driver giving someone a piece of his/her mind.

When people are going to be late for shows, they tend to ignore (or conveniently forget) the rules of the road. Drivers, especially taxi drivers, don’t forget them. And if you think you can block the road to take a street style shot, you’re wrong.

7. A photographer tiff.

Street style photogs versus paparazzi, paparazzi versus paparazzi, street style photographers versus tourists, Instagrammers versus bloggers. The individuals might sometimes vary, but the thing that remains the same is that someone’s perfect shot is going to get blocked and they’re not going to be happy about it.

8. Someone trying to talk their way into a show.

“I’m with…” is a line you will probably hear at least once. And you’ll probably hear, “I forgot my invitation at the hotel” or “The invitation never arrived before I left.” What is most interesting is finding out whether the person actually gets into the show or not.

9. People forming a show strategy.

When someone is lucky enough to see multiple shows, they need to have a game plan. They need to know how they’re going to get from one show to another in time and they need to know how they can fit all of their invitations in their micro bag.

10. A rogue fashion presentation.

No venue? The street will do. You might see people working the sidewalk like it’s a runway or you might see a group of people posing in a particular spot. Either way, you’ll soon realize that clever aspiring designers never miss an opportunity to get their work out there.