Constellation piercings! Next on my list! #constellationpiercing

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Remember when ear cuffs first came out and everybody went crazy? Then it was tragus piercings followed by ear suspenders. If you’re wondering what is next, look no further than constellation piercings. The earring trend has recently exploded on the internet because people cannot get enough of how whimsical it is.

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Brian Keith Thompson of Body Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles is the man behind the movement. In a interview with Refinery29, Brian explained that the ear piercings are inspired by different star patterns, hence the name. The piercings are scattered around the ear to form different shapes. Some are intentionally off-center while others are grouped in clusters. To complete the whimsical look, you then wear different tiny earrings. You could potentially wear an earring that would connect all of your piercings together, but the most popular look is to leave them all separate.

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You have probably seen those pretty earrings that are actually based off of constellations, but this piercing trend takes a slightly more abstract approach where your earlobe is the galaxy and your earrings are the constellation.

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We have seen a number of different beauty trends inspired by the sky. Galaxy hair is a look that has been going strong for a number of years. We also cannot forget about galaxy freckles or the countless galaxy-inspired food trends that are continuously rolling out. (Galaxy doughnuts, anyone?) Constellation piercings are the latest out-of-this-world look that will have us reaching for the stars.