conducted a very important bra investigation ;) recently and you’d be surprised(or not) but definitely happy to know that Cheap Bras Are The Best!

So how exactly did Consumer Reports did their research? Well, they bought 3 different brand of bras, similar styles(seamless, with lightly padded cups) and sizes(34B). CR handwashed the bras 3 times, and gave it to 3 women each wears 34B bra sizes. They also had experts and a lingerie designer to check the construction of the bras. Here are the results :

la-perla-bra La Perla Vintage, $127 :  The bra, sold at several high-end stores, boasts top-quality materials, nicely contoured cups, and flexible, well-padded underwire that won’t cut into skin. But after three gentle hand-washes, the elastic material in the back twisted and curled, and stitching on straps puckered.


More of the Consumer Reports bra research after the fold…

victorias-secret-bra Victoria’s Secret Ipex demi, $45 : It has cozy fabric and cups that provide coverage without bulk. But the underwire may pinch, since fabric around it is thinner than in others, and strap stitching is flimsy. Poor cut of the fabric on sides made it pucker, and the straps curled in the wash.


gilligan-omalley-bra Gilligan & O’Malley padded demi, $11 : Bra-vo! It has better cup molding than the Victoria’s Secret bra; the underwire is flexible and well padded, so it won’t pinch or poke. This bra (sold at Target) also held up better after washing. All three panelists found it comfortable, with a good fit.

*SOURCE. *All Images Via Press With Permission.

There you go. If you think spending $100 or more on a bra will make you feel better, physically and financially, think again. :).