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Hello out there, single friends! What are you planning on doing this Valentine’s Day? Spending it with your friends? Shopping some blatantly anti-Valentine’s Day pieces? Maybe you’ve got a hot date with a crazy straw and a closet-full of wine? All of those are great options, but may I suggest something else: Converse has released a new Valentine’s Day collection, and they require your attention because, as we all know, shoes are the real bae.

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The three new pairs of shoes, ranging in price from $85 to $115, come in high-top white fringe, low-top red crackle and iridescent leather, and a pair of high-top rainbow shows with zippers instead of laces. Check them out:

valentine's day converse


I’ve often spoke of my general indifference toward fashion sneakers, but I kind of need those rainbow ones in my life.

According to Footwear News, “each sneaker picks up a metallic gold heart hardware detail, Chuck patch and eyelets,”  setting them apart from the traditional Converse. The sneakers are a new addition to the brand’s other Valentine’s Day-ready wares, including the pink and red classic Chucks and heart-printed low-tops.

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Of all the Valentine’s Day collections that could have come out this year, Converse’s is probably the most unexpected. We’re so used to seeing new lingerie lines and makeup collaborations coming out around this time year because they seem like the most obviously applicable products. But if you’re a sneakerhead (yes, that’s a real term) or just have a special sneaker-obsessed person in your life, this collection is for you. And for me. You know, if you’re feeling generous and like you want to get me that rainbow pair. Seriously, I want them. They’d be perfect for all the music festivals I have coming up this summer.

Click here to shop the Converse Valentine’s Day Collection now!