What? You don’t think your boyfriend should light up a room? Why are you holding him back? You are a life ruiner. If you do not want your boyfriend to have his life ruined, you should get him this light up, LED studded tie. Or make it. This video by Becky Stern for Adafruit Industries shows how you can make it with Flora:


But that depends on you being the kind of person who understands how to work a circuit board. Personally, I am not one of those people. I don’t understand probably 75% of what they were talking about in that video.

Probably the part I understood the most was that the tie was pre-knotted, and I thought about that for a bit, but I decided it was probably okay, ultimately. I mean, undesirable, clearly, but okay. That was my major input on this accessory, and it’s okay. If you can assemble everything else out of gadgetry, then you can knot it however you want (though not a Windsor knot would be nice). I sort of wish I were the kind of person who could do this, now, though, because I would be making ties that light up gloriously to music while I played “you light up my life in the background”. As it is, I think I’m just going to pitch that one particular scene to the Hallmark movie channel.

– Via Trendhunter