Cooke Empire(GIF: Tumblr)

If there was one character that captivated our attention on television last year, it was without a doubt Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) on Empire. Cookie may not be the most likable character but she has some killer lines (“Yeah, that’s my name. Take a bite!”) and a fabulous wardrobe. From the moment Cookie walked out of that jail, she has been working it 24/7. She loves animal print, fur coats and anything that oozes glamour. There have been a lot of stylish television characters but even when you don’t consider her attitude, Cookie is still one of the fiercest fashionistas.

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Check out some of Cookie’s most fabulous fashion moments on Empire:

1. The White Fur Coat And Snake NecklaceCookie Snake Necklace Fur Coat

It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, Cookie is going to wear a fur coat if she wants. I don’t remember 100% what one going on in this scene but I’m pretty sure she was sitting there admiring her gorgeous jewelry while thinking up more zingers.Cookie Snake Necklace

To fully appreciate the ensemble, take a look at the snake necklace Cookie was wearing underneath the jacket. Her printed top can’t distract from serious bling like that.

2. The Magenta StoleCookie Purple Fur Stole

If Cookie is tired of a fur jacket, she’s throw on a fur stole. Of course she has one that perfectly matches her floral print dress and magenta bracelets. Anika is so chic but she doesn’t have Cookie’s flair.

3. The Asymmetrical Sparkly GownCookie Off The Shoulder Dress

This is what you wear to dinner at the Lyon house if you’re at the head of the table. The silhouette of the dress is simple but that shimmery pattern takes it to the next level. She only needs one statement accessory with it.

4. The Printed Dress And Studded HeelsCookie Dress iPad

This is the sort of casual #workinghard shot that you would love to be able to post on Instagram. Not only do Cookie’s studded heels match her floral print dress perfectly, the entire decor of the office works with her outfit. If your desk accessories match your outfit, you know you are fabulous.

5. The Double Leopard OutfitCookie Double Leopard

Pairing animal print with animal print is normally a quick way to end up looking like a fashion victim but Cookie shows how it can totally work. You would never call her a fashion victim here–and it’s not just because you’re scared of the wrath of Cookie. She owns this.

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6. The Patchwork Denim JacketCookie Denim Jacket

The season two teasers have given us more drama and more amazing Cookie fashion. This patchwork denim jacket with gold trim shows that jeans can definitely be glamorous. Beauty wise, the topknot and pink lipstick are great on Cookie.

7. The Fur Jacket And High BootsCookie Empire Fur

When Cookie walks into a room, you know that all eyes will always be on her. She doesn’t have to say anything. This may not be the brightest or the boldest fur in her closet but when paired with those tall boots, the look turns heads.

8. The Fishnet And Feathers LookCookie Fishnet

We’ve got feathers, gold trim, prints and fishnet sleeves but this look isn’t too much. Everything works together and that feathered trim frames Cookie’s face so your full attention is on her don’t-mess-with-me gaze.

9. The Fur Coat And Animal Print DressCookie Fur Coat Dress

Work it. The has to be one of the most glamorous exits to ever happen on television. Cookie is looking fierce in her mixed animal print and fur. One again she is also coordinating with the posh decor.

10. The Cream DressCookie Season 2 Cream Dress

This is another look to get us excited for season two. Spoiler alert: Cookie is still as chic as ever. This has that 1970’s vibe that is trendy on the runway and you know Cookie is always up on her fashion game.

11. The Sparkly Zebra DressCookie Zebra Stripe Gown When you are Cookie Lyon, no dress is ever going to outshine you. If you were on the receiving end of that glare, you wouldn’t even notice what gown she is wearing.Cookie Zebra Stripe Gown 1

Here is that gorgeous shimmering zebra striped gown without the stink eye. This gown would overwhelm a lot of people but not Cookie. This is about 5 on the statement scale for her.