cookie lyon animal print collage

(Images via YouTube/Hulu/Instagram)

If you’re not watching the new Fox show Empire on Wednesday nights you’re missing out. The Shakespeare-inspired drama about the head of a hip-hop dynasty and his family has so many plot twists and tweet-worthy moments (anybody else remember that blow job bib?) that it might as well be the new Scandal. And like Scandal, Empire’s most interesting character is an incredibly well-dressed and powerful woman.

While Olivia Pope looks amazing in white, music producer and scorned ex-wife Cookie Lyon’s animal print outfits are almost guaranteed to steal anyone scene she’s in. Here are nine times that Cookie Lyon, played by actress Taraji P. Henson, looked flawless in animal print.

1. That time Cookie looked like a total boss in this cream and snake print outfit

cookie lyons snake print shirt via hulu empire

(Image via Hulu)

Who needs a power suit when you can plot world domination in a snake-print shirt and fabulous cream pants? The only thing that would have made this outfit better was an animal print coat.

2. That time she gave her music mogul ex-husband Lucious the side-eye while wearing this sheer red, white and black number

youtube red animal print dress cookie lyons empire fox youtube

(Image via YouTube)

The next time I have to give somebody a piece of my mind, it’s my goal to do it in a dress that looks as good as this one. And can we talk about her gold jewelry?

3. That time she picked out a snake print blazer to complement her legendary death glare

Taraji P Henson Cookie Lyons Snake Skin Print Blazer via Empire YouTube

(Image via YouTube)

Nothing says  “don’t cross me” like a death glare and a blazer that looks like it was made from the skin of a hundred rattlesnakes.

4. That time she made you come dangerously close to buying a leopard print fedora

cookie lyon via instagram empire fox

(Photo via Instagram)

Everybody knows fedoras are for people stuck in 1999 and grown men whose pastimes include watching My Little Pony right? Despite that, this outfit is kind of making me review my stance on fedoras and thus everything else in my life.

5. That time she looked like she stole her outfit from Lil Kim circa 2001 but made it work anyway

leopard print cookie lyons fur goat pony tail and door knocker earrings

(Image via Hulu)

Yes, this outfit looks like something a Lil Kim wannabe would have worn back in the day but who cares? Cookie Lyons can make anything work and this getup is no exception.

6. That time she interrupted a business meeting so everyone could see how great she looked in this dress

cookie board meeting interruptin fur coat leopard and snake print coat via hulu

(Image via Hulu)

Okay so, Cookie’s dress wasn’t the reason her character decided to interrupt whatever was happening in this scene but it might as well have been. I’m starting to think that no one will ever look as good as she does in animal print.

7. That time she and this leopard print dress were over everyone’s bull

leopard print dress coat gold belt via empire hulu

(Image via Hulu)

I’m just going to go ahead and call it: Cookie Lyon is the reigning Empress of Leopard Print. Only she would have me plotting ways to replicate a head-to-toe animal print look. This outfit is so good that it deserves to be seen from two angles.

leopard drint cookie dress lucious via hulu

(Image via Hulu)

8. That time she proved that she could sneak animal print into any outfit with this black and yellow shirt

cookie lyon snake leopard print shirt via hulu

(Image via Hulu)

Sometimes Cookie declares her love for all things feline-printed by wearing it on every part of her body (See #4). This time she proved that she could keep it subtle by sporting a shirt that mixes an animal print with other elements.

 9. That time she took a leaf out of Solange’s fashion book and wore a cape

cookie lyon cape via hulu(Image via Hulu)

And last but not least, here’s the time that Cookie, who I believe is a Solange Knowles fan, decided to wear a cape while visiting an old friend. She also managed to narrowly avoid stepping in horse poo in this scene and still look like the flyest chick ever proving that she’s pretty much the greatest.