It’s always fun to play around with neckties once in a while. Sure there are the solid colors, silk, skinny, wide, plaid, stripes, paisley, and floral. But how about some Pop Culture neckties? I found these really cool pop culture neckties from an Etsy store called Simply Necktie that you might want to check out yourself.


Pink Floyd Necktie


Star Wars Storm Trooper Necktie 

More celebrity/pop culture neckties after the fold…


Metallica Necktie


Jimi Hendrix Necktie


Elvis Necktie

You can find more celebrity neckties from this Indie fashion designer at their Etsy store for $14.99 each. Spruce up your Casual Fridays at the office or just plain ‘ol cool outfits for some special occasion with these neckties.

  Etsy sure have a lot of amazing Indie Fashion that’s worth checking out. I’ll try to feature more of them in the future.

(Images : Simply Necktie)