It’s a good thing this year’s event is called “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” b/c some of the gowns I’m seeing tonight…Oy…


Thandie Newton: HOT! Love the dress–minus the train though… The heels are….interesting…


Julia Roberts: NOT! Makes Julia look wayyyyy older than she is.


Janet Jackson: Meh. I love JJ, but on this one I don’t care either way. It’s boring. *Yawn*


Katie Holmes: I was on the fence until I saw the shoes. Um, NOT!


Anne Wintour: She gets a free pass on this one. Only because she’s THAT CHICK in fashion. She took the ‘fantasy’ element to a whole new level with this dress. So she stuck to the script in regards to the event. Um..and that’s all I’ll say…though I really want to ask, WHAT IN THE SHE SELLS SEASHELLS BY THE SEASHORE HAYYYLE IS THIS?!


Beyonce: Meh. Different color of the same the type of dress she usually wears. I guess if you know what looks good on you–keep with it? The dress didn’t excite me though…


Christina Ricci: HOT! Totally appropriate for the event. This reminded me of a certain ‘Superheroin’ I grew up on: Wonder Woman… Loved it!


Jennifer Lopez: NOT! And it pains me to say that. Not a flattering cut for her at alllll.


Victoria Beckham: Not sure… The gown reminds me of Joan Collins’ character on the 80s TV show, Dynasty. It’s very Alexis, non? If that’s the look Vicky was going for…I guess? Her makeup is ghastly. Maybe she was going for The Joker? *Shrugs shoulders*


Kate Moss: Love the dress, but I was expecting something a bit edgier from her. She played it safe, but I do love the dress.


Diane Kruger: HOT! And the fuschia heels for extra “oomph”? DOUBLE HOT!


Scarlett Johannsen: HOT! The newly engaged actress was lovely tonight in a Dolce & Gabbana number. Love the nude/see through pumps. She looks like a pretty, pretty princess…


Iman: TRUE Royalty. Can’t ever say anything bad about this gorgeous African Queen! A vision! (Wow David’s gettin’ old, eh?)


Be back with more!

(All pics courtesy of Newscom)