This week Courtney Love debuted a new fashion line called Never The Bride. In true Courtney Love fashion, she released the first images via Twitter and told The Huffington Post:

“This is the stuff that I would wear if I was young enough to not look like Bette Davis in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane. In the hem of all the dresses, there’s a ruby and it says c***.”

According to Fashionista, “Courtney Love’s clothing line ‘Never the Bride’ is made out of 30-yr-old moldy vintage… & it’s actually pretty good”

Courtney has gone through many fashion transformations since she debuted in pop culture as Hole’s wasted frontwoman during the 1990s Grunge revolution, but her most lasting contribution to fashion may be the thriftstore ramshackle slip dress glam look that made her famous.

Love describes Never The Bride as “repurposed ‘Edwardian, Victorian’ with an edge,” and the dresses are very reminiscent of the decrepit glam that she popularized in the 90s. So let’s compare the new dresses to original Courtney, shall we?


(Photos: Vintage Courtney via WENN, NTB via Twitter)