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The fashion industry is all over Courtney Love‘s 90s look right now, but Love isn’t about to let anyone forget that she’s still around. In addition to a new album and a memoir, Love intends to put out a clothing line, a fragrance, and get back into acting. She talked about those pursuits with Vanity Fair, and also revealed a lot of surprising information in her typical “insane quote” style.

So here are the things we discovered from eight of the craziest Courtney Love quotes in Vanity Fair‘s profile:

She was almost in The Matrix.

I have a book coming out at Christmas. I will explain in detail why I wasn’t in Girl, Interrupted, why I wasn’t in The Matrix, why I didn’t do [the Janis] Joplin biopic and all of that stuff. It’s all for a really good reason.


She tells the writer she’s waving at her boss in her underwear:

You know, I’m actually looking at [Vanity Fair editor] Graydon [Carter]’s house right now. I’m standing in my underwear. Hi, Graydon!


She found a new band we should probably check out:

I was listening to this incredible new band—it’s mostly girls, out of England—called the Savages. They are amazing. There is a song called “Shut Up.” It’s kind of very Siouxsie Sioux.


Courtney Love is the girl with the most cake. Nobody else gets any cake, especially not Madonna.

It was Madonna’s birthday the other day, and my friend Arianne [Phillipps], who was my stylist and then became Madonna’s stylist, hashtagged Madonna with #girlwiththemostcake. … I was up until seven a.m.—I went on Pinterest and got all of these incredible pictures of cake and just put them all on Arianne’s wall at, like, five a.m. And I don’t regret it! You know, because if Madonna is the girl with the most cake, what am I? The Material Girl now?


Courtney Love spent more than $100,000 on Etsy.

My daughter was flipping out. We had a pretty small house in Malibu and she had the apartment upstairs, but still I was ordering like everything on Etsy. Everything! Like ferrets dressed as Edwardian nannies.


Despite what you may think, she never wore Dr. Martens.

It is kind of ironic that you can get a trench coat at Value Village [thrift stores] for $19.99 today or you could wait another month and go to Bergdorf and buy Hedi’s houndstooth trench coat for $2,000. It’s fine. But referencing me is weird because I never wore Dr. Martens.


She wants to be Rodarte, but better. 

The clothes that I’ve made. . . We’re looking for a licensing deal. I want the shot that Rodarte had, but I want to do better than Rodarte. So it’s not going to be upcycle and Victorian and Edwardian and one-of-a-kind forever. We’re going to get to ready-to-wear when we have the money.


Men want to be penetrated by your pointy shoes.

I have a friend who is a Freudian psychiatrist who told me that men love pointy shoes. She said that rounded shoes make women look really vulnerable and little-girl-ish, but men love pointy shoes because they have a secret wish to be dominated and penetrated. Somehow, those pointy shoes represent that on an unconscious level.

I’m really trying to not just cut and paste the entire article. Read the rest of it here.

Via Vanity Fair/Image: WENN