The nice people at have unearthed photos of Courtney Stodden at age 15 that seem to contradict her and her mother’s repeated assertions that she has not had any plastic surgery. The above photo, taken while she was competing in the Miss Washington pageant as “Miss Ocean Shores” (despite not winning any local pageants), shows a fairly different face than the one she had just one year later at age 16. Sure, she’s wearing a ton of makeup and her hair appears to have been fried to a crispy peroxide blonde, but her features seem relatively intact. Her eyes are open and her lips have that natural divot in the middle. Furthermore, she’s alert and smiling, and does not appear to be sexually aroused. (If she is, she’s keeping it to herself.)

Here’s a picture of her body at age 15:

She could have had a growth spurt and naturally sprouted huge, globular, hard-looking breasts in just one year, but considering what she did to her face, it seems possible that she’s had breast implants.

Let’s look at a few more current pictures of her:

And of course, our favorite:

It would seem she’s now unable to smile so much as bare her teeth. Her nose looks a bit different, too. The biggest change, though, seems to be in her eyes, which constantly droop. This could be the result of botched surgery, or constantly being high on drugs. Namely, downers of some sort. Hopefully not heroin. (Although that would explain why she always looks like she’s having an orgasm.)

Why is any of this bad? Well, we have age limits on things for a reason. 18 seems like kind of an arbitrary number to let people start making their own decisions (if anything, it’s way too young in many cases), but it’s the best we have come up with. A lot of plastic surgeons make “patients” wait until they’re 18 to do stuff like breast enlargements, because they could still be growing, and also because it’s hard to tell if a young person is doing it because she really wants to, or because she has a stage mom pushing her.

As for the drugs, sure, teenagers like drugs. But Courtney seems less like she’s doing drugs in a “teens experimenting in a basement” sort of way, and more in a “seasoned porn star in a movie-of-the-week who needs to dull the pain of existence” way.

Which is all to say, she embodies a lot of the things parents fear most. She should have a successful career in reality tv, if not a long one.