Looking through the pictures of child bride Courtney Stodden as she trolloped her way down Hollywood Blvd. yesterday, I’m struck not so much by how ridiculously sexual she is (is anyone struck by that anymore?) but rather, how time-specific Stodden’s look is.

To wit: she always looks like a video vamp on MTV circa the 1980s.

Let’s revisit the basics. Courtney Stodden clearly wants to dress like a stripper all day, every day. So, fine. I think we’ve all accepted that by now. But there would be a way for her to dress like a peeler and still look modern — in fact, she could have turned into pretty much any store on Hollywood Blvd. and walked out with a nice, up-to-date stripper ensemble for no more than $50.

But instead, Stodden makes the curious choice to have her sluttiness be about 25 years out of date. The high-waisted spandex mini? The lacy midruff? The big, bleached hair? That’s some straight-up 80s shit, yo. Want proof? Her resemblance to Bobbie Brown circa “Cherry Pie” is uncanny.

All I can say is that her look lends even more credibility to this theory. [ITPGallery]