Courtney Stodden Looks Unrecognizable In Her Church Selfie, Which Says A Lot Since It's Courtney Stodden

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While I have long been a proponent of the theory that child bride Courtney Stodden is a 35-year-old performance artist who will rise out of the tabloid ashes like a B-list phoenix sometime in the next few decades, I am beginning to wonder if she will ever reveal her true nature–or if this is her true nature. In any case, this is what homegirl wore to church yesterday:

Photo: Courtney Stodden's Twitter

Photo: Courtney Stodden’s Twitter

She tweeted the photo along with the caption “Time for church” complete with kissy face, angel, and prayer hands emojis, because nothing says “love you, God!” like religious clipart icons. The doorknob cross is a nice touch.

Two things about Courtney’s church selfie struck me, the first of which is that she was wearing clothing. Now, we are all about everybody’s right to run around shirtless no matter their age or body type, but Courtney’s particular brand of unclothedness has always been more peculiar than anything else. (Remember the Easter weekend photos? Or when she ate cat food on all fours?) Therefore, it was surprising to see her wearing a shirt and pants (pants!) combo that actually looks kind of nice. While it is not necessarily everyone’s idea of “church wear,” it is still a far cry from Stodden’s typical bandage dress plus some infantalized form of girlish accessory.

The second thing I noticed is just how different she looks these days. While Courtney has been repeatedly accused of having plastic surgery, even when she was underage, I never really believed she had much done to her face (if anything). But looking between the photo above and one from a year ago, I think it’s crazy just how different she looks at age 19. (Yes, she’s only 19 still; that whole “child bride” thang threw us off, too.)

Courtney Stodden Looks Unrecognizable In Her Church Selfie, Which Says A Lot Since It's Courtney Stodden

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It’s not like I am comparing no makeup versus makeup; in the photo from 2013, she still is wearing a metric ton of makeup and hairspray, but her face looks decidedly different in structure now–at least to me, though I obviously have no clue whether she did have any cosmetic procedures done. Huh. Anyway, enjoy church, Courtney! You’ve never channeled sexy business lady Pamela Anderson more.