covington-gray-plaid-skirt1.jpgI actually found something for Fall when I Spring sale shopping at Sears last weekend. I spotted this grey plaid skirt from Covington collection for $4.99. Originally selling for $36. AWESOME. Gray is supposed to be the Fall’s color trend so I’m slightly incorporating it in my wardrobe. Just slightly though. Not going overboard since I like my clothes to transition in any season and any year, :). Anyway, back to the Covington skirt. I’m going to wear it tomorrow to Church for our Homecoming with my dark blue MOD blouse from CATO and the black knee-high boots for shoe wear. I wish I have a skinny belt though to cinched in the waist. Oh well. I’ll just have to live without it. For now anyway :) . I’m going to try to take a picture of the whole ensemble and show you next week. :)