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(Photo: Twitter/rihanna)

We are never going to be as cool as Rihanna and that’s something we all need to come to terms with. ANTI is coming out soon and everyone is gearing up for a craziness that is on the horizon once the album drops.

No one is more prepared for the record release than Rihanna herself, who posted a teasing selfie of her listening to the album on a pair of almost $9000 Dolce & Gabbana headphones. And while people are clamoring to get a listen of ANTI, more of the news is abuzz with her crown of jewels headphones than they are about the closing window of time between now and when the record drops. And, since you’re not Rihanna, dropping a cars-worth of money on a pair of headphones probably isn’t in your game plan, even if all you want to do is listen to her new album the same way she is. But there are alternatives.

Here are 6 others pairs of headphones so you can get your Anti on and not drop $9k.

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Frends with Benefits Taylor Gold and Black Headphones (LuLu*s, $200)

1628922_264978These over-the-ear beauties may not have the bling factor that RiRi’s have, but they pack a punch when it comes the the shape and shine in the gold, conical covers.

Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones (Amazon, $250)


Oil slick is a cool alternative to metallic and these are shaped like crystals themselves with a little faux-diamond in the center. You can’t go wrong.

Emily + Meritt Animal Headphones (PB Teen, $59)

emily-meritt-animal-headphones-cThey’re gold and they have cat ears. These are the twee second-cousins of the D&G ones.

Linea N°1 On Ear Headphones – Ceramic / Rose Gold (Ahalife, $150)


For the understated rose-gold aficionado who still wants to feel fancy.

Supersonic IQ214 High-Performance Headphones (Walmart, $12.95)


These may not be on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to quality headphones, but all you need is a tiara and you’re set.