In the wake of the shitshow that was Missoni for Target* a bunch of items from the hugely successful collaboration landed on eBay for prices approximating the cost of real Missoni. Now, however, it’s gotten out of hand: one crazy person with an eBay account is trying to sell a pair of “Missoni for Target Venetian Rainboots” (size 10) for… $31,000. Let me repeat: thirty one thousand fucking dollars.

The seller, Tammy Lynn of Tulsa, claims the hefty pricetag will benefit her daughter’s college education. “We have lived frugally and have some savings, but like most Americans, it’s just not enough to cover college, retirement, and life at this point,” she told CNN Money, “Missoni mania looked like the perfect opportunity for a miracle.”

Lynn may be balls crazy but she’s also a shrewd marketer. If anything, someone may now buy the boots just to be the guy who spent $31k on those Missoni for Target boots. In which case Lynn will go from being the craziest person on eBay to the smartest person in the world. Or, at least the most effective opportunist.

I’ve spent all of five minutes trying to find the original retail price for these things, but thanks to the 404 error wasteland that is the Missoni for Target internet space, all I can say is similar styles cost $34.99 (CNN says that’s the right price). Maybe these cost more because they’re Venetian?

Also, shipping is included.

*Why? Seriously, why?!