As much as we love how classic a pair of jeans are, we sometimes find ourselves wishing for a new take on the look. If you’ve been frequently staring at the jeans in your closet, hoping for something exciting to pop out at you, it might be time to get your head out of your wardrobe and take a look at some of the latest denim trends. And one look that has proven to be very popular for Spring 2017 is lace-up jeans.

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Lace-up tops have been everywhere for a few seasons now and it seems that the look has migrated down south into denim. And it works.

Whether you’re after a new take on skinny jeans or you’re looking for something that will upgrade your mom jeans, lace-up jeans will do it.

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The most common look is skinny jeans or mom jeans with coordinating lacing up the sides. However, you can also find lacing up the fronts of jeans, on the fly area and even up the backs. When you search a bit more, you can also fit designs with irregular laces, sexy open laces and jeans with contrasting laces.

If you balked at the “bare butt” jeans look and you haven’t quite figured out how you can incorporate your glitter jeans into your everyday look, the lace-up denim trend might be just the thing for you.